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1. Preparation is key

Nothing beats having sufficient time to prepare for the exams. Start early and make sure your study material is the updated version. Take time off closer to the exam, if necessary. Do not stress yourself. You need to clear mind to focus.

2. Beware of the passing score

All modules under CMFAS examinations are in MCQ. You need to be aware of the number of questions, time and passing score. It could be different from module to module. Some of the modules have a passing score of 75% and some are 70%.

3. The importance of mock exam

You should take more mock exam papers, they test your understanding and help you identify where are your weak areas. It is useless to memorize the question and answer without knowing the underlying concepts. Real exam questions are more complex, a combination of a few options. Thus, it is important that you get a sense of the type of questions to expect.

4. Bring IC, calculator and pen(if applicable)

Remember to bring your IC for the exam verification. Check the battery of your calculator. Make sure to have enough sleep the day before your exam.

5. Reach the exam place earlier

Remember your exam schedule and set a reminder on your mobile phone. You might not know what will happen during your journey to exam, so better depart earlier to avoid being late to the exam and not having enough time to finish it.

6. Memorize the formula

Once exam start you can write down the necessary formula on the provided paper in case you forget it during the exam. Real exam questions also test you on your time management skills.

7. Read the question carefully

Candidate tends to pick the answer at a first glance. CMFAS questions are designed in a way that it tends to trick the candidate into answering the wrong answer. Make sure to read the questions carefully before you select the answer. Read every answer option prior to choosing a final answer. Pay attention to these words “Except”, “Not”, “False” etc.

8. Skip the unknown question and answer later

If you are having difficulty answering a question, move on and come back to tackle it once you've answered all the questions you know as you might find some clue through the other exam questions. The computer will show you the unanswered questions.

9. Make an educated guess

When two answers are correct in a multiple-choice question with an "All of the above" option, then it is probably the correct choice. In most cases, a positive option is probably true if there is also a negative one. More often than not, the correct answer usually contains more information than the other options. This is good to know if you must guess.

10. Final checks

Check carefully through all your answers, looking for any accidental errors. Read through slowly to see that your answers whether make sense. If you spot mistakes, change them. Plan your time well so you can make these essential final checks.