Rules and Regulations for Financial Advisory Services (M5)

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M5 is aimed at equipping potential financial advisers/representatives with the requisite knowledge of the regulatory framework and guidelines governing the capital markets and life insurance intermediaries in Singapore.


  • Chapter 1 – The Regulatory Bodies and Associations
  • Chapter 2 – Financial Advisers Act And Financial Advisers Regulations – Financial Advisers And Representatives
  • Chapter 3 – Financial Advisers Act And Financial Advisers Regulations – Conduct of Business, Powers Of Authority And Offence
  • Chapter 4 – MAS Notices – Part I [Notice Nos:FAA-N16; FAA-N03 & FAA-N11]
  • Chapter 5 – MAS Notices – Part II [Notice Nos:FAA-N02; FAA-N10; FAA-N12; FAA-N13; FAA-N14; FAA-N15 & FAA-N20]
  • Chapter 6 – MAS Notice No: FAA-N06 – Prevention Of Money Laundering And Countering The Financing Of Terrorism – Financial Advisers
  • Chapter 7 – MAS Notice Nos: MAS 302 And MAS 307
  • Chapter 8 – MAS Guidelines – Part I [Guideline Nos: FAA-G01; FSG-G01; FAA-G04; FAA-G05; FAA-G06 & FAA-G07] And Circular No: CMI 01/2011
  • Chapter 9 – MAS Guidelines – Part II [Guideline Nos: FAA-G08; FAA-G09; FAA-G10; FAA-G11 & FAA-G14]
  • Chapter 10 – Revised Code On Collective Investment Schemes
  • Chapter 11 – Central Provident Fund (CPF)
  • Chapter 12 – Needs Analysis

Structure & Format

100 multiple-choice questions.

2 hours.

Minimum Passing Grade & Result Slip
One mark will be awarded for each correct answer.  No mark will be awarded or deducted for any wrong or blank answer.

No certificate will be issued. Only Result Slip will be issued.

Examination Mode
English Medium – Computer Screen Examination (CSE)
The candidate can self-study for the closed book examination.

Examination Resitting
There is no limit on the number of times that a candidate can sit for an examination.

No exemption is granted for M5.